Series Circuit Connection (Lesson 4a)

There are 2 basic types of connection: parallel and series. There are also components connected in combination (series-parallel, parallel-series) A Series circuit is that circuit which contains components connected in series.

A component is said to be connected inseries to another component, if only one of its terminal ends is connected to the other component terminal end. That is, if its + terminal is connected to the - terminal of the other component or viceversa, and there is no other component connected to that same terminal. Please see Diagrams below.

Notice Diagrams above. Diagram 1 represents Resistors A and B which are connected in series. Diagram 2 also illustrates Resistors A,B, and C connected in series. However, in Diagram 3, Resistors A and B are not connected inseries, because Resistor C is connected to the same terminal of A and B. Neither of those 3 Resistors in Diagram 3 are connected in seriesnor in parallel.

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